PPE Subscription Box

One Time Order or Monthly Subscription Box of PPE also Known as Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Boxes in association with their advisors have put together a selection of first-class products to protect you and your family or colleagues from the dangers of the transmission of dangerous viral and bacterial infection.

To remove any worries about not having the products when you need them, or a sudden loss in the supply chain, we offer a monthly subscription service that ensures that you will always have sufficient protection, delivered on a monthly basis

How It Works

PPE Subscription Box

1. Choose Your Pack

Choose the Box of PPE that best suits your needs. There are options for visitors packs, travel bags and, 2 week or four week supply. All subscription packs posted within the UK, enjoy free shipping

PPE Subscription

2. Subscribe

Just tell us when and where you want to start receiving your boxes. We can ship to your home, School, office or business.

PPE Boxes

3. Enjoy!

You will never run out of PPE again. Your monthly pack is now on the way, You will receive fresh supplies every month. Cancel any time. You are now protecting yourself and your loved ones.

2 week box

PPE Subscription Box - 2 Week

£29.99Get Subscription Now

  • 3 Ply | K95 Masks 14 | 7
  • Hand and Desk Wipes 2
  • Sanitiser Gel 50ml 1
  • Sanitiser Liquid 60ml 1
  • Nitrile/vinyl Gloves 14
  • Desk cloth 1
  • Content sheet 1
  • Product info1

2 Week Subscription

4 week box

PPE Subscription Box - 4 Week

£54.99Get Subscription Now

  • 3 Ply | K95 Masks 30 | 15
  • Hand and Desk Wipes 4
  • Sanitiser Gel 50ml 2
  • Sanitiser Liquid 60ml 2
  • Nitrile/vinyl Gloves 30
  • Desk cloth 1
  • Content sheet 1
  • Product info1

4 Week Subscription

Visitor/Guest/Travel Box

PPE Subscription Box - Guest, Visitor, Travel

£6.99Get Subscription Now

  • 3 Ply | K95 Masks 2 | 1
  • Gloves 2
  • Hand sanitiser Gel 1
  • Hand Wipes
    (in single blister packs)

Visitor/Guest/Travel Box


Contents2 Week Box4 Week Box
3 Ply | K95 Masks14 | 730 | 15
Hand and Desk Wipes24
Sanitiser Gel12
Sanitiser Liquid12
Nitrile/Vinyl Gloves1430
Desk cloth11
Content sheet11
Product info11
PRICE / BUY NOW£29.99 Subscribe Now£54.99 Subscribe Now
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